Mobile Massage Services

Mobile MassageMobile Massage service offers a great way for you to have your treatment your home. This is particularly useful for elderly or the parents who have their children at home. Massage table, towel, oil and other therapy supplies are generally offered by the therapists. All you need to do is provide a suitable place for your treatment.

Mobile Massage Therapy is the best solution for those people who are having a busy and stressful lifestyle. Some of us often suffer from back pain, neck pain or spinal injuries but we do not even know. Doing massage therapy treatments regularly is a good idea to recovery from these bad situation. Not only healing made possible, and also it has the effect to prevent your body from injuries because it greatly reduce the stress level of your body and muscle. It is the best way to maintain your body heal with massage therapy in a regular basis.

Back and body beauty treatments services are the most relaxing and calming salon treatments of all and their popularity surpasses even those of facials. Both men and women with busy lifestyles crave these relaxing body treatments for their stress reducing properties. Following are a few common types of body treatments offered by mobile massage services.


Stone Massage Therapy

Stone massage therapy, which makes use of cold and hot stones placed on your back, helps to rejuvenate your body and soul and releases the fatigue and tension trapped in your muscles. The aesthetician alternates between cool and hot stones that are soaked in aromatic plant oils and these are then placed vertically on your back along your vertebral column for delivering a soothing massage experience.

Caribbean Style Body Massage

This is an indulgent spa body massage technique that makes use of Hydro or Vichy products. The aesthetician will apply a warm body masque and give you a relaxing scalp and face massage. This will be followed by hydrotherapy, again using Vichy hydrocapsules or shower. This massage technique has superior healing powers and can restore wellbeing or minimise your tension. The masseuse will make use of customised massage sequences and the healing power of touch to sooth aching and tired muscles.