How to Choose the Right Shade Structures

A wide array of shades is available in the market and with so many available options to choose from, you would want the best shade structures that can be used for your place. There’s a big number of canopies out there that answer each and every need possible, so choosing the right shape, size and material for your needs is the hardest part of the process.

There’s no science to choosing the right canopy for your property. You may wish there’s a formula out there for maximum coverage, optimal design and best styles but there really isn’t. Each shape, material and size of shade structures work on a case to case basis for your space.

For shapes, choose the number of points according to your needs. Whilst a four-point shade sail will have a bigger coverage than a 3-point triangle, you need one less connection point for the sail.

That’s a consideration you need to put into perspective. If you have a triangle canopy with you but you still want additional coverage protection, consider getting two and layering them together.

When it comes to the material, reinforced polyester is always a good choice because of its inherent durability. With the right care, a polyester shade can last up to a decade to even 15 years. The material is highly resistant to weather changes and can block off UV radiation completely.

During set up, make sure to angle the sail slightly tilted to get any rainwater to drain out. Excessive rainwater build-up in flat-angled shades can cause the material to stretch and sag, possibly damaging it by excessive stretching at the seams. Angle it correctly as well to take care of the sunlight the entire day. Set it accordingly to the direction when the sun shines on your area the most.

As for the size of your shade structures, choose something that can stretch out in the entirety of the space that you want to protect. Make sure that there’s no slack in the material – outstretched properly with a tension cable for the best stretch possible.

In addition, the size of the product will not be exact as the measurement of the material is from corner to corner. You will most likely lose out a few centimetres at most, so take this into account. Get in touch with a shade structure supplier from Gold Coast to get a quality product.