Techniques Used by Furniture Removals Companies

If you are moving into a new home, you probably know that transporting furnishings is a major hassle that you can’t possibly do alone. Even if you gather enough friends to help you move them properly, transporting them properly is a challenge. Whether you decide to do it by yourself or hire furniture removals to do the work, here are some effective tips that can make your time much, much easier:

The first trouble amongst furnishings is tall dressers and cabinets. Because they’re made of solid wood, they will most likely be too heavy for a single person to carry without a hand trolley. You may want to be smart before you do furniture removals.

Remove as much of the contents as possible to lighten the load. Once you’re finished, start using a plastic wrap to secure any doors and drawers that may open once you start doing the transfer. Do this with a buddy carry the cabinet sideways, one lifting it from the top and the other from the bottom.

What this does is spread the weight evenly and keep the centre of gravity low. This lets you carry the item up and down easily and through doors without hitting the top part of the casing.

If you’re having issues moving sofas and loungers around doors because the back part and top rails don’t fit, you can use a time-honoured solution here. Hook the back side first around the far side of the door and circle the furniture around the corner, so that the “L” shape hugs the side and moves easily.

There are furnishings that can be too heavy even for a small army of people, typically highly dense wood effects like bed frames made of mahogany, walnut and oak. Because the weight of these will be enormous, the best way to go around moving it is covering the entire thing with plastic wrap, carrying it only an inch from the ground rest it on one side when you can.

The professionals that do furniture removals will typically have a special tool called a shoulder dolly. What it does is secure the item and let you lift the product using straps and it lets you bring move it with the support of your shoulder muscles, removing heavy strain on your hands and wrists. Whilst this can make moving downstairs tricky, it’s an overall plus in the work done.

If you want a stress-free move, contact a professional house removals service from Adelaide. They will make sure your furniture is moved without a scratch.