Tips for Making Polished Floor Boards Look Timeless

Timber flooring gives a home a timeless look that cannot be achieved with any other surface out there. All it needs is a little bit of elbow grease, together with a wad of polish to get it done. Whilst the best way to get polished floor boards is always through professionals, if you have some extra time to do DIY, there are some things you should remember when pushing to do the work.

Tip #1

First things first: what wood? Timber flooring needs for you to decide beyond just the aesthetics of the home. The issue is that polished floor boards have to match the needs of the owner, rather than the general looks that you are trying to achieve for it.

If you are alone at home without many activities, it’s good enough to pick and choose your type of wood according to the looks that you want.

However, if the flooring will receive even at least a decent amount of foot traffic, especially if you have children and pets, you would want to opt instead for a hardwood floor. Softer woods will be prone to warping and start to shrink, creating creaks every time you step on them.

Tip #2

When doing DIY, it’s understandable that you would want to use as little funds as possible, especially if you are renting the polishing equipment from a store. The truth cannot be simpler than it should be: your equipment needs to be as near to brand-new condition as it possibly can for a professional result.

If you just rent out something that’s just enough for the job, you’re getting what you’re paying for. If you, however, get a top-notch, Grade A set of equipment, you can be sure to get perfect looking boards.

Tip #3

Never cut corners when it comes to prep work. For one, you would want to nail down any loose boards and replace any of the damaged ones if you can. If you’re about to add new timber, let the wood panels sit first in the same room for 3 weeks so they can adjust according to the moisture of the room.

Tip #4

Move slowly through sandpaper grit types, at most skipping only one grade of sandpaper for the polished floor boards if you ever have to. Sand following the grain of the floorboards to make sure that you don’t get any scratches visible on the wooden surface.

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