Why We Love Bamboo Blinds

You moved into your new place. You saw the advertisement of “Lots of natural light!” and you get there. It’s true! It’s quite bright and the window light is right up to the wazoo! Whilst you bargained for this and love a lot of light filtering to your new home, you need to control it somehow. Modern interior designers recommend bamboo blinds for people who currently have a leash on their budget. It works and it’s efficient.

  • Price

If you’re like most people who have a limited budget but still need a window treatment for your home, bamboo is the right one for you. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it gives you privacy whilst still letting a bit of sunlight filter into your home.

People around the world have fallen in love with these blinds and there’s no wonder why: a bamboo treatment can turn your super shiny living room into a simple, lived in porch that is both economical and easy.

When the sun gets too hot, especially in tropical Australia, you tend to forget that you’ve ever bargained for a pleasant view outside. These shades made of dried out grass-style wood are super affordable, so you can just get them on a whim.

Clocking in at around the starting value of 40 to 50 dollars each, they’re a fraction of the price of your typical PVC blind. When it comes to the design, they’re just fun to have. They’re thick enough to provide near total privacy for your home but thin enough to not be bothersome.

  • Variety

You can choose different colours and styles, depending on your tastes. Raw, woven and matchstick types can have multiple stains in them to fit the theme of your home. Whilst the raw bamboo looks beautiful with the colours of natural tatami or thatch, you can stain them together with the matchstick to achieve walnut, oak or charcoal colours. Woven bamboo blinds can be stained walnut or oak for that gorgeous, natural look.

  • Light Control

If you’re looking for a quick, simple solution to control the excess natural light that goes inside your home, bamboo shades are the right option for you. They’re absurdly easy to set up in your locale, they give you all the privacy you will ever need and you can fully control how bright your place goes. They’re perfect for every person who needs a quick solution.

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